Mazey Wins at Greenville Shows July 2020 

What an AMAZING trip for our girl Mazey!  She traveled to Greenville, South Carolina with her daddy Turk's owners and was shown by Frank Murphy.  Mazey won Winner's Bitch all 4 show days!  She earned 7 more point towards her championship.  Best of all she was happy and traveled well.  She enjoyed camping in a motorhome and playing with other dogs.  At least one of us went on a vacation this year.  Proud of our girl.

Amber Trace It's Amazing To Be Me


Zynga and Odell from our Zoey & Mozi Litter 

Had to post some pictures of these two. They both are enjoying coursing and earning some titles. More importantly they have wonderful temperaments and are active and healthy dogs.  Events were in early March 2020.

Zynga (Amber Trace SoUnique at Ropasa) has earned four AKC titles so far this year.  She has her CGC (Canine Good Citizen), JC (Junior Courser), RATI (Barn Hunt Instinct) and TKN (Trick Dog Novice) titles.  Showing her versatility and willingness to try new things.  Zynga also has points towards her FC (Field Champion) title for going Best Of Breed at her first trial.

Odell (Amber Trace A Star Is Born) LOVES to course and earned his JC title and has his QC (Qualified Courser) certification to start competing..  We hope he will attend some trials this fall. He may even get in the show ring later this year.


Puppies! February 2020 

Scarlett's pups were born on 2/6/20.  Scarlett started acting a bit restless as I watched her on a camera while at work.  It was a few days earlier than expected, but I decided to head home as she was not comfortable.  My Mom came over to help out and we sat around for a few hours while Scarlett laid on my couch.  She looked perfectly content and I thought it was a false alarm.  She then got up and asked to go outside around 11AM.  Her water broke when she was coming back inside and the first pup was born 30 minutes later.  She got right down to business! Scarlett is a great mom and all the pups are healthy. I can't ask for more than that.  I take breeding very seriously and each litter is carefully planned.  Ridgebacks have been in our lives for 13 plus years and this is our 4th litter.  We hope to keep a puppy from this breeding.  It will be a 2nd generation Amber Trace bred dog.  The goal is to stay true to the Ridgeback standard for structure, type and health.  These puppies are little now but I can already see lovely heads and nice structure in these babies. They are beautiful puppies.  I am sure I will be posting about their future adventures.

January 2020 - New Points and New Titles 

January is a busy month in Florida.  Nice weather and plenty of events had our dogs busy.

First off,  ZsaZsa (Amber Trace Bella Regazza at Avanti) won the Breed and a Owner Handled Group Placement at the Miami shows with her owner.

Rainbow (Amber Trace Sunshine and Raindrops) made her show debut in Brooksville and did well for the first time in the ring.  She is a lovely Zoey and Turk daughter.

Zynga (Amber Trace SoUnique at Ropasa)  completed her CGC (Canine Good Citizen) title and her JC (Junior Courser) title.  Proving she is a good girl and she likes to chase the Lure.  We hope she becomes another great athlete like her Grandmother Zuri for her owner Robyn.  

Mazey (Amber Trace It's Amazing To Be Me) won Winners, Best Of Winners, and Best of Opposite for a major win and her first points.  She also won Reserve Winners the day before.  

Proud of all these Amber Trace babies.  Great way to start off the new year!

December 2019 - The Big Event 

Team Amber Trace headed to the Royal Canin AKC National Championship for the big year end event in Orlando.  All the dogs showed so well.

The highlight for us was baby Mazey (Amber Trace It's Amazing To Be Me) from our Zoey x Turk litter showed winning the breed at the Puppy/Junior Stakes at Royal Canin.  She also won her class at the Regional RRCUS Supported Specialty and the next day at the AKC National Championship Show.  She did everything asked of her at only 7 months old! 

Zynga (Amber Trace SoUnique at Ropasa) won her class both days.

ZsaZsa (Amber Trace Bella Ragazzi at Avanti) placed in her class both days.

Scarlett (GCH CH Amber Trace Burning Up The Way JC) showed in breed and made the cut in a large class on Friday.  

All of them showed well and were confident and happy at this huge event.  We are proud of all of them!


October & November 2019 - Fall Coursing and Shows 

We spent most of our weekends on the field or in the show ring for October and November.  Mazey and Link showed well for me and I am happy with how both are doing.  No points for either one but some compliments from the judges and good experiences for both.  Scarlett made an appearance the last day in Ocala and received a Select placement.  She hadn't been in the ring since February and she was happy to strut her stuff.  

On the field, Mazey and Rainey (both Zoey x Turk littermates) tried puppy fun practices and showed interest in the lure.  Odell (Zoey x Mozi) tried the lure one day and completed his first leg of a JC (Junior Courser) title.  He was so excited and LOVED the chase.  We hope to see more of him on the field.  

I continue to receive updates from families on our pups and all have been doing well.  Most important is that they are all reporting healthy pups with wonderful temperaments.  I am grateful this holiday season for wonderful homes for them and families that stay in contact with me.

We will be at Royal Canin in a couple of weeks with Mazey, Scarlett, and Zynga.  Link and Rainey will be in the ring next year and hopefully a few more as we watch these pups mature. 

Odell craaaazzzy for the lure!  Photo credit: Bad Azz Dogs

Me walking Mazey and Zynga at GOGLCA coursing event.  

Mazey (Zoey x Turk) in the ring.

Link in the ring.


September 2019 - Showing Off The Pups 

The long hot summer means no dog shows or outdoor events.  We had fun raising Mazey and enjoying updates from the puppy families.  All the puppies have settled into their new homes and all the reports are positive.  Happy puppies and families are what we like best! I will add pictures from the families on the litter page.  They are all looking so good.  Very happy with our Zoey and Turk babies.

Link and Mazey started practicing for upcoming shows in early September.  Link, Mazey, and Zynga (Zoey x Mozi) went to a local AKC B Match event.  Great for first time show dogs to go to a smaller event.  There are no points awarded but they get ribbons and placements and get experience.  Link won Best of Breed over his two sisters and went on to win a Hound Group 2.  They all did great and stood well for the judge exam.  Just what we wanted.  

Then on to the Deland show for Link and Mazey.  Mazey was entered in the 4-6 month puppy competition and Link who just turned a year old was in the Bred By Class.  Day 1 Mazey won her class, then the Group! So exciting to go into the puppy Best In Show ring and have all of our breeder friends cheer us on.  Turk's owner, Turk's breeder, and Zoey's breeder were all there. Link was a bit too playful in the ring for a good look from the judges the first day. He was all happy feet!

2nd Day Mazey did it again with another Hound Group win!  Link settled down a bit and won Reserve Winner's Dog under his uncle (Zoey's brother) Zandy who went Winner's Dog.  ZsaZsa (Amber & Brody) was also there and she won Reserve Winner's Bitch in a large entry of 13 girls.  She looked great. We have so much fun being with friends and watching our dogs do well!

May & June 2019 - Puppies & Tampa Dog Show 

Puppies kept us busy in May and June and started going to their new homes on the 19th of June.  A last minute issue meant that one family wasn't ready for a puppy so..... we just had to keep one here.  It was meant to be as I was struggling with not keeping one from this litter.  Therefore, Lavender girl is staying and is now known as Mazey - Amber Trace It's Amazing To Be Me.  

Mazey at 9 weeks old

We attended the Tampa shows too where Link - Amber Trace Breath Of The Wild made his debut.  He was bouncy and wiggly and had a good time.  No exciting wins for him but he learned a lot and we are pleased with his first time out. 

I also showed his sister Zynga - Amber Trace SoUnique at Ropasa and she went Best Puppy on Saturday and completed her Puppy Of Achievement certificate from AKC.  A puppy has to earn 10 points before the age of 12 months by placing at least first in their class to get a point. 

ZsaZsa - Amber Trace Bella Ragazza at Avanti also showed well that weekend.  I always enjoy seeing ZsaZsa as she gives me lots of love and smiles. 


April 2019 

This was a month of waiting for the puppies!  Details are on our Zoey & Turk litter page.  I could not have handled it all without the help of Turk's owners, Tami & Joe and Turk's breeder, Rhonda!  They came and helped while our family celebrated my daughter's wedding.  It was a very busy last week of April but all is well!  The puppies are all fat and happy and the married couple are on their honeymoon.

Amber Trace SoUnique At Ropasa (Zynga) went to some shows and is learning all about being a show dog.  She needs 1 more point for her POA (Puppy of Achievement) from AKC.  I am loving her outgoing personality and confidence.

More March 2019 - ZsaZsa 

The lovely Amber Trace Bella Ragazza at Avanti (ZsaZsa) placed WB, BOS, BOBOH at the Miami shows on March 31st.  Congratulations to her owner Raul!

The following pictures were also taken at this show by someone.  This girl is so photogenic!  Those eyes!  Just lovely.