07/10/21  - We do not have puppies at this time.  However, we will list fellow breeders information below. Please contact them directly.

Raul Lopez of Avanti Ridgebacks has an exciting litter due around July 25tth, 2021.  Our very own bred by ZsaZsa  (sister to our Scarlett and daughter of Amber) has been matched to the handsome Zeus. Puppies would be going home in September.  Both parents are health tested.  To learn more about ZsaZsa, visit her own page on this site. They will be whelped and raised in Ocala.  I hope to be there when they make their arrival! You can inquire about this litter by emailing Raul at Ril166@yahoo.com.


UPDATE - Puppies born 7/23/21 - 3 Boys and 3 Girls - Mom and babies are doing great!

Here is some information about how things usually go when working with us:

We have a waiting list based on a request to be considered for a puppy from our next litter.  If the timing of our next litter works for you, then we will put you on our list upon submittal of a completed puppy questionnaire. /puppy-questionnaire

We keep our website updated as we make plans. We keep all interested people on the list updated when pregnancy is confirmed, a due date is set, and when the puppies are born. When the puppies are born and we know how many boys and girls we have, we confirm interest with each person and discuss with you at length about what you are looking for and if one of our puppies is a good fit for you. We discuss pricing and any deposit requirements at that time based on the puppies we have available.

Pricing is $3500 to $2500. Puppies with extra whorls (crowns) on their ridge or short ridges, too much white, and kinked (crooked) tails are discounted accordingly.

We try to match the puppy's personality and appearance with what each home is looking for as best we can at around 7 weeks of age. We have lots of conversations about each puppy with the new homes to make the right match.

Parents are health tested for genetic and congenital known issues in large breed dogs.  We only breed mature dogs over 2 years old as issues such as allergies and temperament problems don't always show up until they are fully grown. 

We are here for you and your puppy for advice, questions and concerns. We want you and your puppy to have a wonderful life together!

Amber x Brody Puppies 2016

Amber x Brody Puppies 2016




IMPORTANT NOTE:  Any dog received from us can not be sold or given away without our written permission.  If at any time you can not keep an Amber Trace Rhodesian Ridgeback, you must contact us first.  We will help you find a good home or we will take the dog back in to our home.  We don't ever want one of our dogs to end up in a shelter or in a home where they are not given the love and attention they deserve.  To help insure that, we would like to know where our dogs are at all times, so we expect to be given new contact information if you move or change phone numbers.  

The picture above is Amber with her litter mates.  She was front and center and climbing on the others even then!

We believe all dogs used for breeding should be health tested and registered with the AKC.  Also, the breeder should provide proof of testing, be available after the sale for advice, and they should take back any dog they have bred if that dog needs a home.