Our Rhodesian Ridgebacks are first and foremost family pets.  They live in our house and interact daily with teenagers and children.  They are equally satisfied with lounging on the couch all day or competing at an event.  Wherever we go, they follow.  They are truly a breed that loves to be with their human!  

Our first Rhodesian Ridgeback Thor (Amber's Duke Thornton of Karro) introduced us to the breed and won our hearts.  Thor passed away in 2011 at the age of 10 years.  We really missed having a Ridgeback in our house so we brought home puppy Trace a few months later.  

We tried out Lure Coursing in 2012 as a fun thing to do and our boy Trace loved it!  We try to attend most of the local events.  We have met a lot of great people and dogs through our participation in this sport.

In 2014, we ventured into the show ring with the addition of our girl Amber.  As a first time Owner Handler with a puppy, we learned together and made lots of mistakes!  I am still not completely comfortable in the ring yet but we are getting there. Who knew it would be so hard to run around the ring and make them look pretty?  Again, we have met some wonderful people and made true friends going to the shows.  Amber's breeder has been supportive and showed her for me to finish her Championship in 2015.  Many people have offered advice and encouragement along the way.  Not only is this a great breed, the people that love this breed, are awesome also!

We really enjoy participating in sports and classes with our dogs.  We hope you enjoy learning about the breed and things you can do with your dogs by viewing our website.

We occasionally breed and will provide updates under our Puppies section.  We often feature fellow Club Members available puppies. 

Rhodesian Ridgeback of The United States (RRCUS) Member

Sunshine State Rhodesian Ridgeback Club (SSRRC) Board Member and Secretary

RRCUS #4 Owner Handler 2020


Julia and Trace hanging out at a Lure Coursing event.

Bill and Amber at Eukanuba waiting for her turn in the ring.

Amber, Trace, & Zoey ready to go.

Zoey on Squirrel Patrol