GCH CH Amber Trace Burning Up The Way JC

Scarlett's Health Clearances:  Hips: OFA Good, Elbows: OFA Normal, Thyroid: OFA Normal, Eyes: CERF Normal, DM & EOAD Cleared by Parentage

Scarlett has her own page on this site to see pictures of her along with links to her pedigree and her health testing from OFA.  She has always lived with us and was from our first litter from Brody and Amber.  

GCH CH Springridge Hit The Ground Runnin BCAT SC CGC - Turk

Turk is the sire of our 2019 litter. We love our Zoey X Turk puppies for their great temperaments and stunning looks so we decided to match  him with Scarlett.  We expect more beautiful babies from them!

Turk's Health Clearances

CHIC #138107, Hips: OFA Good, Elbows: OFA Normal, Cardiac: OFA Normal, Thyroid: OFA Normal, DM: High Confidence Clear, EOAD: High Confidence Clear, CAER: Normal

Turk Pedigree link: Turk Pedigree

Turk Health Clearances OFA link: Turk Health Testing

Puppies are due 2/8/20!  Accepting applications now on this exciting pairing.  Both parents are health tested and have done well in the show ring (proving their outstanding breed standard type and temperament) and on the field with titles before and after their name. 

Puppies born 2/6/20.  We have 3 boys and 6 girls.  1 boy and 2 girls are ridgeless.  All are healthy with beautiful coloring and only a little bit of white. Scarlett is a great mom and is taking great care of them.  


2/16/20 - The puppies are 10 days old and are little fatties.  Scarlett has lots of milk and wants to be with them all the time.  We are weighing and doing the ENS exercises with them daily.  They had a nail trim which I am sure Scarlett appreciates it!   The colors are beautiful and we see a variety in them along with some clear and black masks.  All have pretty heads.  Very happy with these babies.