Amber - AKC GCH & Int'l Ch F.M.'s Pitch Perfect at Amber Trace, SC

Brody - MBIS CH Quest's Down The Stretch

Puppies at 3 Months!

11/6/16 - All the puppies are spoken for.  We are so thrilled with their new homes and excited to see and hear of all the adventures to come.  Pictures coming soon!

10/16/16 We have two girls available.  Please contact us for details.

The puppies are now 7 weeks old!  They are doing great and have been spending hours each day outside and are loving it.  My landscaping has suffered but what fun they have! 
5 Weeks Old
We have had quite a bit of rain in the evenings here so puppies haven't been outside much.  I was able to take a few pictures of time outside earlier this week.  Amber is trying to wean the puppies.  She wants to be with them and play with them but they just want to nurse.  It's comical watching her walk in circles around the puppy pen to keep them from latching on.  She then spins around and gently puts her mouth over the head and face to (try) get them to stop.  Every evening, I turn loose 2 or 3 pups to explore the house.  Even with only a couple it is mayhem as they get into everything and try to play with the other dogs.  Poor Trace had one try to "nurse" from him.  It was SO funny and now he stays far, far away from them.  They are developing their own personalities and I can even guess (most of the time) which pup is making that noise.Some get loud when they want to come out and play and some yell for their breakfast!  We plan on doing puppy evaluations at seven weeks old when I return from the RR National show.  We will get stacked pictures, check bites, conformation, faults, etc with a couple of breeder friends.