October & November 2019 - Fall Coursing and Shows

We spent most of our weekends on the field or in the show ring for October and November.  Mazey and Link showed well for me and I am happy with how both are doing.  No points for either one but some compliments from the judges and good experiences for both.  Scarlett made an appearance the last day in Ocala and received a Select placement.  She hadn't been in the ring since February and she was happy to strut her stuff.  

On the field, Mazey and Rainey (both Zoey x Turk littermates) tried puppy fun practices and showed interest in the lure.  Odell (Zoey x Mozi) tried the lure one day and completed his first leg of a JC (Junior Courser) title.  He was so excited and LOVED the chase.  We hope to see more of him on the field.  

I continue to receive updates from families on our pups and all have been doing well.  Most important is that they are all reporting healthy pups with wonderful temperaments.  I am grateful this holiday season for wonderful homes for them and families that stay in contact with me.

We will be at Royal Canin in a couple of weeks with Mazey, Scarlett, and Zynga.  Link and Rainey will be in the ring next year and hopefully a few more as we watch these pups mature. 

Odell craaaazzzy for the lure!  Photo credit: Bad Azz Dogs

Me walking Mazey and Zynga at GOGLCA coursing event.  

Mazey (Zoey x Turk) in the ring.

Link in the ring.


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