November 2018 Recap

All the Zoey & Mozi puppies have found their forever homes.  Reports from their new homes are all positive! All the puppies have outgoing and inquisitive personalities and get along with everyone they meet.  Having happy, healthy puppies placed in wonderful homes is just what I wish for every litter.  I hope to see Zynga (Pink Girl), Link (Blue Boy), Cato (Purple Boy), Odell (Orange Boy) and Dex (Yellow Boy) in the show ring one day. 

Bill and I spent a weekend at the NLCC event (AKC National Lure Coursing Competition) in Ocala.  We were there as host members for our club. None of our dogs competed in the event. We worked hard but enjoyed watching all the sighthounds competing in this annual event for the title of the 2018 National Lure Coursing Best In Event.

We took Scarlett to 3 days of shows in Ocala too and she placed each day for 5 more points towards her AKC Grand Championship.  She earned a Best of Opposite along with a Best Owner Handled and two Select placements.  She hadn't been in the ring since June so it was nice to get her back out there. Her sister ZsaZsa showed 2 days and went Winner's for 2 more points towards her Championship.  I was happy to get to see her win!  It was the first time I was able to be there.  ZsaZsa  and her owner, Raul, have won 5 times in a row.  That team is on a roll!   

Here is Amber (left) and ZsaZsa (right) hanging out at the NLCC and the picture below is Zynga who was also there hanging out and meeting lots of dogs and people.

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