Puppies! February 2020

Scarlett's pups were born on 2/6/20.  Scarlett started acting a bit restless as I watched her on a camera while at work.  It was a few days earlier than expected, but I decided to head home as she was not comfortable.  My Mom came over to help out and we sat around for a few hours while Scarlett laid on my couch.  She looked perfectly content and I thought it was a false alarm.  She then got up and asked to go outside around 11AM.  Her water broke when she was coming back inside and the first pup was born 30 minutes later.  She got right down to business! Scarlett is a great mom and all the pups are healthy. I can't ask for more than that.  I take breeding very seriously and each litter is carefully planned.  Ridgebacks have been in our lives for 13 plus years and this is our 4th litter.  We hope to keep a puppy from this breeding.  It will be a 2nd generation Amber Trace bred dog.  The goal is to stay true to the Ridgeback standard for structure, type and health.  These puppies are little now but I can already see lovely heads and nice structure in these babies. They are beautiful puppies.  I am sure I will be posting about their future adventures.

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