Rhodesian Ridgeback National Specialty Adventure

My friend Robyn Sasso (Zoey's breeder) and I made the 1,000 plus mile drive to Huron, Ohio to attend the National Specialty show.  We brought Zoey, her brother Zandy, and her mother Zuri.  Zuri competed in Veteran's Stakes in Lure Coursing and placed 5th.  She ran well and received a nice ribbon and glass art trophy.  Zandy competed in the American Bred Dog class with me showing him and we won the class!  It was very exciting to compete in the Winner's ring at the National with some of the top people in the breed.  We did not place in that class but had fun.  The next day, was the girls and Zoey and I competed in the Amateur Owner Handler class and finished 4th.  Zuri and Zoey were suppose to compete in the Brace class but Zuri was a little sore from Lure Coursing so we skipped that class.  We were very happy to place in each event. Met a lot of new people and enjoyed all the events.  Best of all was to see in person most of the top dogs in the country and the up and coming puppies and young dogs.  


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